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  • Micro 3G HD Optical Technology
  • Energy efficient with solid reliability
  • LED indicators for power, input/output signal &
    optical receiver power levels
  • SMPTE Standard Compliance 424M/297M/292M/259M
  • Datarates from 19.4 Mbps to 2.97 Gbps
  • Supports embedded digial audio stream
  • Up to 30km transmission distance
  • Low signal jitter
  • Accepts DC power from 5-16 VDC
  • Auto-diagnostics mode
  • Ruggedized cast aluminum housings
OPTICAM3GHD is the first choice for high reliability micro 3G HD-SDI transport technology. Perfect for users with unique space constraints, power requirements or everyday versatile video transport needs, OPTICAM3GHD provides everything the user could need. The transmitter (Model #: OC-1HDPT-XX-ST) accepts a standard 75Ω coaxial input signal and converts it into an uncompressed, low-latency optical signal utilizing standard ST connectors. The receiver (Model #: OC-1HDPR-XX-ST) decodes the uncompressed optical signal back to an electrical signal which can then be connected to recording or video acquisition equiment via the standard BNC output.

One of the smallest footprints in the industry, micro 3G technology is cutting edge and enables the use of high-resolution 1080p capable cameras across distances up to 30km! Approximately 3.2 inches long (76mm), these micro adapters have the capability to be deployed in a wide variety of applications from tight crawlspaces to elevator shafts & large office building ducting. Additionally, for pre-wired coax the transmitter units are able to equalize the signal prior to transmission. The LED indicatiors on each unit provide power and signal detection feedback. On the receiver unit optical power is measured and displayed, easily showing the user if the optical link is adequate for a transmission link. Finally, these units have optional SNMP, allowing monitoring and management from a central software application, perfect for large installations with many units deployed.

System Design
Power can be supplied from the included AC-DC power supplies or from any 5-16 VDC feed. The provided Mini-XLR connector is also the source for the SNMP monitoring feed. Additional connection information is provided with the manual.


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